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Don't Let Your Direct Marketing Get Monochromatic! Portfolio

Don't Let Your Direct Marketing Get Monochromatic! Portfolio

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Turn Prospects Into Customers with Targeted Direct Marketing.

If you're going to spend money on Direct Marketing, it is important to employ proven techniques to get your target's attention and create the response you want. Chasm Communications has created countless standalone and integrated, multi-component direct marketing campaigns to help our clients cost-effectively generate new sales leads, retain their current customers, win-back customers, and acquire new customers. From direct marketing design and copywriting to list segmentation and fulfillment, the professional team from Chasm Communications will be with you every step of the way to provide guidance, offer creative advice, and follow best practices to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Direct Marketing Design

Your direct marketing pieces need to cut through the clutter of the mailbox and stand out - both in appearance and performance. Whether you need an action-oriented direct mail package design, self-mailer design, postcard design, or even an attention-grabbing letter, Chasm's creative team will incorporate eye-catching imagery from our extensive library of royalty-free stock photography and bold typefaces to complement the copy and strategy of your campaign and capture the attention of your intended recipient.

Direct Marketing Copywriting

Words have a powerful effect on human behavior. Crafting a headline, message and call to action that connects with your target on an emotional level can impact the effectiveness of your campaign dramatically. Chasm's professional copywriters will develop creative copy for your direct marketing piece that supports and enhances your message and offer - copy that makes a prospect want what you're offering enough to take action.

List Procurement & Segmentation

Selecting the right message is only one piece of the equation. Ensuring that your message is sent to the right person is just as important. Whether you plan to use a house list, a purchased mailing list, or a combination of both, the direct marketing professionals at Chasm Communications can help you ensure it is processed for maximum effectiveness. If you're using your house list, Chasm will work with you to segment the list properly for each campaign. If you need to purchase a list, Chasm will work with the nation's leading list brokers on your behalf to identify and procure a demographically targeted mailing list that will deliver the highest potential value for your campaign.

Printing & Fulfillment

After the design and copywriting is complete, Chasm Communications will professionally manage the printing and fulfillment of your direct marketing campaign. Chasm's direct marketing professionals will utilize our network of offset, digital and variable printers to ensure the most appropriate production method is used - based on the type, quantity, paper weight, finish, and production requirements of your specific mail piece. Chasm will also manage the postal and address imaging, as well as the postal processing (de-duplication, NCOA, and CASS certification) and sorting, to ensure you receive any applicable postal discounts to keep your mailing costs under control. To ensure final delivery quality and mailing efficiency, we personally review seed packages for each campaign we manage.

Do you want to take your direct marketing to the next level? Thanks to advancements in printing technologies and the web, Chasm Communications can change the way your direct marketing pieces "speak" to your target audience by utilizing variable printing techniques to incorporate personalized one-to-one messaging and imagery specific to each individual recipient. Additionally, we can elicit more responses, capture additional information and share a targeted message with your recipient by incorporating Personalized Purls (PURLs), Custom Landing Pages and Quick Response (QR codes) into your direct mail pieces.

Put Chasm's considerable education, training and experience in direct marketing to work for you. Contact us to learn more about our unique - and effective - personalized direct marketing campaigns or to get started with your direct marketing campaign.