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The proliferation of the Internet has unlocked a whole new world of sales opportunities for businesses. Today, your web site can be one of your most powerful sales tools – allowing you to communicate with customers, prospects, vendors, partners, and investors around-the-clock. With careful planning and fine tuning, you can use your web site to educate people about your business, showcase your products, generate sales leads, and complete business transactions. Chasm Communications will help guide you through the entire process, from domain registration and hosting to site development and search engine optimization.

Web Site Design

Chasm Communications creates professional, user-friendly web site layouts with eye-catching mastheads and navigation bars to ensure a positive reflection on your business. To meet the wide range of budgets presented by our clients, Chasm Communications offers both pre-designed web site templates and custom web site design solutions. By utilizing the right combination of typography, imagery and content, Chasm's experienced team will create a visually appealing design that fits the nature of your business and your personality. And with Chasm's web site design service, you will receive unlimited use of photography from our extensive image library to give your business the professional appearance required to drive business. Whether we are developing a new web site design or re-designing an existing site, Chasm approaches each project individually - listening to your ideas and providing our creative input to design a web site that will look great, complement your existing branding and, ultimately, help you grow your business.

Web Site Copywriting & Editing Services

An attractive, user-friendly web site alone doesn't ensure success. Your web site content must captivate and persuade your visitors to spend time on your site and take action. Chasm Communications offers professional web site copywriting and editing services to help you capture the attention of your visitors while optimizing your site for the leading search engines. Chasm's talented copywriters can draft original keyword-rich content from scratch or edit your existing materials for use on your web site. Additionally, Chasm can assist in developing relevant titles, descriptions and keywords for use on each page. Don't gamble with your success, let Chasm's experienced professionals compose relevant web site content that informs, educates and appeals emotionally to your target audience.

Web Site Development

The code used on your web site can dramatically affect your visitors' experience. A well coded site that delivers a consistent experience across multiple browsers and contains links that function properly, as well as graphic elements and forms that load quickly will leave a positive impression with your visitors. Once the design and copy has been approved, Chasm Communications' experienced programmers will apply standards-based HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, and PHP techniques to develop your web site and ensure proper functionality with minimal load time. If you prefer to use WordPress or Joomla, Chasm's web developers are also experienced at customizing existing WordPress and Joomla templates and developing custom WordPress themes that can be integrated into your existing site or function as a standalone site.

Search Engine Optimization

While programming your site, Chasm Communications will employ techniques to optimize search engine ranking including coding of Title, Description, and Keyword tags for each page. Chasm will also make use of Header Tags (H1, H2, H3, etc...) within the content to indicate the relative importance of each section it is heading, and use ALT image tags for the images utilized on the site. To inform search engines about pages on your web site, Chasm Communications will create an XML-based site map and submit it to Google for crawling. The sitemap lists the site URLs along with additional metadata about each URL (when it was last updated,how often it usually changes, and how important it is relative to other URLs in the site). Although it is not accessible by Internet visitors, the XML site map is an important component to include so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site.

Site Analytics

To understand your site traffic and usage, Chasm Communications installs Google Analytics, a web site statistics and analytics program, on the web sites we develop. Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to your web site. This program is an enterprise-class web analytics solution and gives you feature-rich insights into your web site traffic and marketing effectiveness.

Testing & Cross-Browser Compatibility

Chasm Communications understands the importance of cross-browser compatibility across all modern browsers. Therefore, prior to launching your web site, Chasm Communications will perform comprehensive testing using a third-party testing application to ensure proper functionality and cross-browser compatibility on Windows and Mac platforms.

Whether you need your first web site developed, or would like to re-design and improve your current web site, contact us to get a free web site evaluation and quote.