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  1. A deep fissure in the earth, rock or another surface.
  2. A marked interruption of continuity; gap.
  3. A major division, separation or difference between persons or groups.
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Who we are

Chasm Communications

Chasm Communications is an agile and innovative marketing and design firm based in Tampa, FL. Sometimes quirky, but always committed to excellence, our team of designers, developers and writers are all true problem solvers at heart. We use our knowledge and experience, mixed with a little good ole’ fashioned common sense and ingenuity, to bridge the “chasm” between concepts and sound, elegantly crafted solutions. Additionally, we build lasting relationships with our clients through consistent attention to detail and a dedication to analyzing and understanding each individual project’s needs and goals. But at the end of the day, we are just a group of passionate creative types committed to providing awe-inspiring and amazingly useful digital and print solutions.

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Digital & Print Solutions

Avelar Creek CDD
Community District
Responsive Joomla Web Design
MicroCorp Cloud Partners Event
Telecom Master Agency
Email & Print Marketing
Big 4 Consulting Firm
Big 4 Consulting Firm
Mobile Application Design
Tsagaris & Daries P.A.
Tax/Accounting Firm
Branding & Identity Creation

Featured Client

WineO Website Project


KitchenHappy, a kitchenware company located in Michigan, wanted to market their custom WineO wine stoppers directly to the public. First things first, they knew they needed a professionally designed website to cost-effectively market their product to the masses. The team at KitchenHappy turned to Chasm to design a fully responsive website that would reflect the style and sophistication of the WineO wine stoppers, while at the same time providing additional information about the patented product including features, benefits and pricing. By using the HTML5 canvas element, Chasm's developers were able to allow site visitors to view their personal information in the various custom designs offered by KitchenHappy during the order process. In the end, KitchenHappy was pleased with the look, feel and performance of their new website. By driving traffic to the site through complementary marketing efforts such as PPC advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, direct mail marketing, and events, we hope they will see substantial success.

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