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We're a small design
firm with big ideas!

Founded in 2005, Chasm Communications, Inc. is a Tampa-based user experience design firm dedicated to creating innovative, user-centric, solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals and objectives. For us, user experience isn’t just a part of the application development process, it’s a dedicated, stand-alone focus and specialty. Every day our team of UI/UX experts work to help our clients solve complex business problems with intuitive and visually pleasing design solutions for enterprise applications.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – just like our experience solutions! Four foundational pillars guide us as we work on any engagement.

  • Responsibility
  • Hard Work
  • Mutual Respect
  • Fun

Let's work together to create something beautiful for your users.

The Team

Our group of creative, talented, experienced and most of all, passionate professionals is ready to tackle your next project.

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams President & UI/UX Architect

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Jason Rewald

Jason Rewald Associate Director, UX

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Heather High

Heather High Design Operations Director

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Daniel Ordóñez

Daniel Ordóñez Lead Sr. UI/UX Designer

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Andy Sutton

Andy Sutton Sr. UI/UX Designer

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Charlie Cathcart

Charlie Cathcart Sr. UI/UX Designer

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Dana Manning

Dana Manning Sr. UI/UX Designer

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Juan Cortes

Juan Cortes Sr. UI/UX Designer

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Nathan Edwards

Nathan Edwards Sr. UI/UX Designer

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Rhonda Blount

Rhonda Blount Sr. UI/UX Designer

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Emily Lancaster

Emily Lancaster UI/UX Designer

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Oliver Goddard

Oliver Goddard UI/UX Designer

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Lauren Adams

Lauren Adams Associate UI/UX Designer

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Vivien Ng

Vivien Ng Assoc. UI/UX Designer

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Mitch Obert

Mitch Obert UI Developer

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Leslie Reigel

Leslie Reigel Operations Manager

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