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We're a small design
studio with big ideas!

Chasm Communications is an agile and innovative marketing and design firm based in Tampa, Florida. Since our inception in 2005, we’ve been providing clients with exceptional brand-focused digital and traditional marketing solutions. 

Our business is marketing your business! We work as an extension of our client’s internal groups, offering a team of talented creative directors, designers, copywriters, developers, and testers. At heart - we are marketing problem solvers! We love a good challenge, and we take pride in producing marketing genius to support our client’s business objectives.

Why would you want to work with Chasm? It's simple. We staff a team of specialized talent so you don’t have to. That means money back in your pocket – to go toward your next marketing efforts of course! As your fully-outsourced marketing group, you engage us when you need us and save more than what you would pay one full-time marketing employee. 

From small design needs to integrated marketing campaigns, Chasm has the experience, knowledge and resources to deliver marketing excellence!

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Our Philosophy

We are your digital design and marketing partner, and we take that job seriously. It is our promise to treat your business, and your investment in our solutions, with tenacity, professionalism and attention to detail.

We believe our deliverables must:


At Chasm, we’ve honed our design process to produce results that are not only visually amazing, but are focused and results-driven. The process is curiously simple, and leverages a strategic yet agile design method for maximum results.


The first and most important step in the process is getting to know you, your company and your project. We take the time to ask questions, develop assumptions and clearly define your project needs and goals. From there, we develop project plans and timelines to ensure we deliver your project on-time and within budget.

Chasm Communication's Process - Step 1. Discover


This is where the magic begins! As a team, we collaborate and brainstorm, working together to create a blueprint for a solution that reflects your goals and objectives for the project. During this phase, we generate concepts through quick sketching. We then take the best concepts and move into the mockup phase where we masterfully incorporate the necessary details. In this stage, we enter a cycle of iterations, testing and refining our concepts until the best solution emerges. The result is meticulously distilled, beautifully crafted high-fidelity mockups that are ready for your approval.

Chasm Communication's Process - Step 2. Visualize


Blueprints in hand, the Chasm “machine” hits high gear! This is where we use the latest techniques and industry best practices to make our shared vision a reality.  If we’re creating a traditional print media project for you, we will create the press-ready proofs and work with the printer to produce your deliverables. If we’re creating an HTML-based project or interactive video, we’ll utilize standards-based coding techniques to build the deliverable for the required platforms and devices.

Chasm Communication's Process - Step 3. Build

4 / TEST

Houston, do we have a problem? Deliverables with spelling errors, broken links, or uncooperative controls don’t portray professionalism, so testing is essential! During this phase, we perform thorough quality assurance testing and proofing to ensure everything appears and/or functions as expected. By utilizing an assortment of testing methods, including proven third-party tools, we take the time to proactively identify and remediate any potential errors or issues prior to launch.

Chasm Communication's Process - Step 4. Test


Drum roll please…it’s the day we’ve all been awaiting. Launch status is now set to “GO”! We’ve performed all of the necessary planning, perfected the ideas through iterations and feedback, built it to exacting specifications, tested it, and added the finishing touches. In this phase, we package your final product, and together, release it to the marketplace. This is an exciting time! However, our work does not stop here.

Chasm Communication's Process - Step 5. Deliver


Don’t worry - you’re not flying solo! After your project launches, we continue to work with you hand-in-hand. During our project wrap-up process, we carve out time to establish benchmarks and map future follow up discussions. Then to ensure continued success, we track the use and effectiveness of your project, as well as work with you to identify opportunities for improvement, future enhancements and complementary marketing efforts.

Chasm Communication's Process - Step 6. Sustain & Grow

Meet Our Team

Our group of creative, talented, experienced and most of all, passionate professionals is ready to tackle your next project.

Spencer Flynt

Spencer Flynt Front–end Development Intern

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Monica Gross Photo

Monica Gross UI/UX Designer

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Heather High

Heather High Marketing Mastermind

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Elizabeth Klein Photo

Elizabeth Klein UI Champion of the WORLD

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Alex Kusminov Image

Alex Kusminov UI/UX Designer

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Daniel Ordóñez

Daniel Ordóñez UX Design Extraordinaire

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Joshua Vazquez

Joshua Vazquez Front-End Ninja

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Come work with us

We’re always interested in speaking with bright, fun and talented people with an entrepreneurial spirit and a positive work ethic. If the idea of working with a highly creative and engaging team sounds like your cup of tea, send us your resume and tell us what role you’d like to fill at Chasm.

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