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Integrated services to deliver simple and intuitive experiences

Great user experiences do not happen by accident. By understanding your users' needs, applying human interaction principles and performing usability testing, we help you formulate and refine designs that are intuitive, easy to navigate, and generate the results you, and your users, want.


Our strategy services help us formulate a roadmap for the ideal path to engagement. Working together with you, we will identify the who, what, when, where and why. We’ll learn about your users, your competition, your business goals and objectives, as well as the opportunities, or challenges, that you seeking to resolve or improve. Depending on the scope and complexity of your project, we will select the research methods that will provide the best results. Some of our methods include:

User Interviews & Surveys

Persona Development

Competitive Research

Heuristic Analysis

User Scenarios (Use Cases)

Usability Evaluation

Stakeholder Interviews

Project Scoping

Feature Planning

Vision Sharing

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Although great strategy is fundamental to creating amazing user experiences, good design can make the difference between an average user experience and a great one. Our designers are experienced at making complex business processes beautifully simple. We focus on both user experience design and user interface design.

User Experience Design:

Our user experience design services define how the users will flow through the software, from broad-view user flow, all the way down to the micro-interactions the user will experience with each specific UI component they encounter when using the software.

Since user experience is based on delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right user, we use information architecture and content strategy activities to fuel our ability to produce meaningful design solutions. Some of these activities can include: card sorting, interviews, and observation sessions.

Once the content strategy is set we, offer moodboarding sessions and UX sketching workshops to innovate and sketch ideas for the application’s basic user flow and functionality. Deliverables included in our User Experience design services typically include:

Information Architecture Foundation


Clickable Prototypes

User Interface Design:

User interface design defines how the user interface will solve the user’s needs. This is where our experienced design team makes magic happen. Taking the user flows and basic patterns defined through wireframing and quick sketching, our designers apply usability best practices to design a user interface that is not only functional and intuitive for the user, but also visually-pleasing.

Typical deliverables from our User Interface design services include:

UI Style Guide Documentation

High Fidelity Designs

Clickable Prototypes

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Usability Testing

Our moto is - test early and test often! A large part of creating true user-centered design solutions is the consistent testing and refining of interface design and user flows. We use varying testing methods depending on the stage of the product design; however, the goal is always to gain user feedback to make informed decision on how to better support the user in the tasks at hand. We use a variety of testing methods that include:

Heuristic Evaluations

SUS Method Testing

Facilitated Observation

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UI Development

Although we are not a development firm, we offer user interface development services for projects that will benefit. Once high-fidelity designs are approved, and the development of the software is under way, we offer UI development services to assist the development team with styling. Our UI developers work as an extension of both our design team and the development team working to build the software. The goal of the UI developer is to ensure that the developed product looks and acts like the client-approved designs.

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